Recognizing climate change is one of the greatest threats to the environmental health of the planet, Whistler Blackcomb is committed to one day reducing the environmental footprint of their operations to zero and believes in an “Every Step Counts” philosophy.   On March 16, 2016, Art Dejong will be speaking at our morning meeting about Whislter Blackcomb's response to climate change.


Arthur DeJong has been with Whistler Blackcomb for more than 30 years. Through various roles including Ski Patrol Manager and Mountain Operations Manager for Blackcomb, Arthur has gained an exceptional familiarity with Whistler Blackcomb’s mountain terrain and a deep understanding of the workings of the mountain ecosystem. 

Arthur pioneered work in the area of environmental planning on Whistler Blackcomb which has led him to his current position of Mountain Planning and Environmental Resource Manager. In this role, Arthur works to marry planning techniques that both improve the guest experience and respect the natural environment. 

Arthur has been an active member of the Whistler community for many years and believes that the key to effective planning is openness and community involvement. Arthur is currently active in numerous community social and environmental groups. He also dedicates volunteer time to crisis line counseling and international aid programs. (*taken from the Whislter Blackcomb website)

Art Dejong will be speaking at the March 16 morning meeting.  Everyone who would like to hear all about Whistler Blackcomb's efforts to reduce their environmental impact while still providing a world class skiing and outdoor adventure destination center is encouraged to attend.  The doors open at 7:15 am and free coffee is always available!