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Welcome to Our Club


Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 8:00 AM
Pemberton Community Centre
7390 Cottonwood St
Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month 8am via Zoom Please email for the invite
It's that time of year to place your order for a beautiful hanging flower basket.  The Rotary Club of Pemberton has been selling hanging baskets to help beautify local Pemberton businesses and homes AND helps to fund our high school bursary program.
Please refer to order form (attached below) for more information
Deadline is April 26th
We began this project in the fall of 2016 and completed the work in the fall of 2017.
Better late than never to tell our story.....
The Rotary Club of Pemberton approached the Village of Pemberton in the fall of 2016, wanting to assist on the "One Mile Lake Master Plan" upgrades.  We committed to undertake two projects:  Upgrades to the TEEN DOCK enhancement at the DOG BEACH.

The Rotary Club of Pemberton's ANNUAL Flower Basket Program is in progress.
Every year we sell approximately 200 beautiful flower baskets to local businesses and residents.  All funds raised help us award bursaries to graduating Pemberton Secondary School  (PSS) students.  
Please take a look at the order form below with prices, delivery information etc.
Did you know that there are currently no palliative care beds available in the Sea to Sky Corridor for residents of Mt. Currie, Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish.  The Squamish Hospice Society paid a visit to all four Rotary Clubs in the Sea to Sky Corridor to tell us about this current situation and share their dream to create a hospice in our area. 
The Rotary Club of Pemberton has committed funds to this important initiative and will be presenting a cheque to the Hospice Society in the near future.  Stay tuned....
Seija Evans (1946 – 2018)
Rotary Club of Pemberton
Seija generously donated her time for Rotary projects.  She was always available for anything to do with Rotary in Pemberton and was involved in all of the fundraisers, socials and local projects. She was always full of joy and lifting peoples’ spirits wherever she went. We miss her dearly.
We are happy to report that Signal Hill have installed their new washer/dryer that we helped fund.
The thank you card and wonderful poem from the students is attached below.
Smallpox is the only human disease ever eradicated. Let’s make polio the second.
What is Polio?
Polio is a paralyzing and potentially fatal disease that still threatens children in some parts of the world. The poliovirus invades the nervous system and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours. It can strike at any age but mainly affects children under five. Polio is incurable, but completely vaccine-preventable.
How close are we to ending Polio?
Today, there are only three countries that have never stopped transmission of the wild poliovirus: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.  These polio cases are the most difficult to prevent, due to factors including geographical isolation, poor public infrastructure, armed conflict and cultural barriers. Until polio is eradicated, all countries remain at risk of outbreaks.
Why is Rotary Pemberton involved?
Polio is a vaccine-preventable disease. No child has to suffer from Polio.  It is entirely vaccine-preventable.  Rotary Pemberton is part of the global Rotary initiative to end polio.  You can help too.
What can I do?
Thanks to a 2-to-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, every donation made to Rotary to end polio will be tripled. Donate today by visiting:
The Rotary Club of Pemberton has been involved with the country of Lesotho, South Africa on various projects since 2009.  Check out the pictures in the album "Rotary Club of Pemberton's Involvement with Lesotho" for a snap shot of those projects.
Want to be involved, putting service above self for a country in need?  Join the Rotary Club of Pemberton!  We meet Wednesday mornings at 7:15am at the Pemberton Community Center - coffee provided!
Starting Wednesday July 13, every second Wednesday the Rotary Club of Pemberton will host our weekly meeting at the Pemberton Legion.  In an effort to encourage fellowship, build stronger relationships and become a more visible and personal presence in the community, the Club invites all Pembertonians to come out, meet our new President, Dave Den Duyf, and chat with us over a pint (or other beverage) about local and international Rotary projects!
Please see the Events Calendar for the specific dates we will be at the Legion.
The 2016 Pemberton and District Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Pemberton hosted another successful golf tournament.  This year teams hit the links at the Meadows at Pemberton, where the course was in amazing condition and the golfers in wonderful spirits!  Money raised during this annual fund raiser will be used to finance local projects.




The 11th Annual Rotary Club of Pemberton and Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce 2016 Golf Tournament will be held at the Meadows at Pemberton on Friday June 24th, 2016.

On Wednesday March 23, MLA Jordan Sturdy will be speaking to the BC Liberal Governments Climate Change Leadership Plan.  Jordan is a long time Pemberton resident, a Past Mayor of Pemberton and a local farmer.  As MLA, Jordan was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Literacy and the Environment to the Minister of Environment, is a member of the Cabinet Committee for Environment and Land Use, and serves as Chair of the Climate Leadership Team, working with members from non-governmental organizations, academia, industry, communities and First Nations to redefine B.C.’s low-carbon future.

Recognizing climate change is one of the greatest threats to the environmental health of the planet, Whistler Blackcomb is committed to one day reducing the environmental footprint of their operations to zero and believes in an “Every Step Counts” philosophy.   On March 16, 2016, Art Dejong will be speaking at our morning meeting about Whislter Blackcomb's response to climate change.

Liz Scott, Assistant District Governor for Rotary District 5040, attended our morning meeting on February 17, 2016 and presented us with a District Grant cheque and added another Paul Harris Pin to the lapel of Richard Megeny.

The Rotary Club of Pemberton are proud supporters of the Family Strengthening Program.  Our club donated $250 to  the program on April 20, 2015.  Additional support was offered on May 20th when several club members, Friends of Rotary and Interacters helped prepare the meal for their event.

Special thanks to John, Liz, Pat, Ted, Dave, Linda, Janis, James, Sandy, Rolande, Casey Lee, Rene and Sarah.

On April 22, 2015 a large contingent of Pemberton Rotarians hit the highway at 7am to clean the garbage from alongside Highway 99.  Our new Adopt-A-Highway Project has been spearheaded by Rotarian Dave DenDuyf who contacted the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI).  

The Rotary Club of Pemberton will now be responsible for cleaning along the highway from the Petro Canada to the train tracks past Nairn Falls.  We have been supplied with all the necessary equipment from MOTI and they will be putting up signage acknowledging "our section " of highway in the near future.

On our first clean up mission, we collected 18 large bags of garbage and several large items including tires, pieces of metal, wood etc.



On May 13 and May 14, a few members of our club solicited donations from the generous folks of Pemberton to go towards our contributions to ShelterBox Canada.  Our club has already committed to purchase 1 ShelterBox and we wanted to reach out to the community and let them know about this amazing organization and at the same time raise a few more dollars.  In a couple of hours each day we raised an additional $600.  Thank you Pemberton!

Please read our news release below;

Nepal Disaster Relief


Rotary Club of Pemberton will be at the Pemberton Valley Supermarket on Wednesday May 13 and Thursday May 14 between 4pm and 6pm collecting donations for the relief effort in Nepal.  The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on April 25 killed more than 8,000 people, injured 18,000 and has left many thousands of families struggling to survive.  Rotary has already contributed $1,000 to purchase a complete family survival kit from ShelterBox Canada.  The survival kit contains a family tent with thermal liner, blankets and ground sheets, water storage and purification, solar lamps, cooking utensils, tool kit, and children’s activity pack.  With the support and assistance of Rotary International, ShelterBox was an early contributor to the relief effort providing approximately 1,000 units to the worst hit areas.  Rotary Club of Pemberton member Liz Scroggins said, “This is part of the reason why I joined Rotary – to help out less fortunate people around the world.  Especially in times of need like this.”  If you are out and about on Wednesday or Thursday please feel free to stop by the Supermarket and talk to your local Rotarians about the relief effort.  And if you can, we urge you to contribute your spare change to a good cause.


To learn more about ShelterBox visit